• 6 mos. targeted, step-by-step coaching

Includes: 24, 1 hour focused coaching sessions and unlimited email support

  • Complimentary “Tune Into Your Body” audio guide



  • 3 mos. targeted, step-by-step coaching

Includes: 12, 1 hour focused coaching sessions, monthly email support

  • 5 week “Jump Into Wellness” videoconference course included (see our shop page for more info)



  • One, 2 hour coaching exploration session
  • Complimentary “Tune Into Your Body” audio guide


Coaching Packages starting at $250…..also get bonus Yoga and Mindfulness Events when you purchase a coaching package. Let’s get started with a consultation, schedule now.  


Camille helped me understand that I’m important too and gave me some tools to use to help combat stress.
– Kari

Camille helped me to learn more self-compassion as well as positive self-talk.  She helped me change my mindset on my ability to control my situation and my opportunities. Camille helped me be more positive and resilient to change..
– Corinne

Camille is never judgmental and always cares about how I’m doing and what I can do to be better..
– Heather

I would tell people how Camille has helped change my life and work through a lot of issues..
– Lori

I feel brave and have more confidence in myself and that I can do things that are hard. I have a support system in place to help be my cheerleader! Camille uses personal experiences and you has a lot of positivity when it comes to what I’m trying to accomplish. She is willing to participate in things with me.
– Heather

Flourish Wellness Consulting is a life coaching and counseling practice centered on helping people overcome obstacles to positive change and to make their health a priority. My mission is to help people make peace with their bodies and like who they are.

I help clients create a VISION of the life they want and learn the practices and habits that will give them results.