Love Your Body, Mother Daughter Wellness Retreat
May 16-18th, 2019 in beautiful Eden, UT

LOVE and Respect Your Body

Get away, Practice Self-Care, Eat Healthy, Connect with your Daughter


During this 3 day Retreat you will get to experience self-care (massage, energy work, raw foods, yoga, facials), explore creating a healthy body image, and connecting with nature and each other.


Embrace Your Unique Beauty and Discover the Power of your Body.

Each day will consistent of self-care spa time, meditation, whole foods, and movement.

* Note: Bring cash or check for massage services $1 per minute.

Our menu will include delicious gluten free food from scratch that will satisfy the pickiest of eaters.   

Flexible Daily Schedule:

7am Rise and Shine Yoga
8:30 breakfast
10:30 Walking Meditation/Hike
12pm lunch
1-2pm 7 Ways to Love Your Body
2-5pm Self-care Spa/free time
5:30 Dinner Mindful Eating
6:30 pm Self-Compassion in Health
8pm-10pm Yoga
10:30pm-11pm bed

Mindful Eating

Presentation by Chrissa Peterson, Registered Dietician from Mindful Nutrition. Chrissa will teach you how to focus on the experience of eating, without distraction, and tuning into your bodies cues for hunger and fullness. Chrissa has an inspirational story of weight release of over 100 lbs.

Joyful Movement

Presentation by Registered Yoga Therapist. Yoga means “union” of mind, body, and spirit. We will practice morning and evening Yoga to connect to our body, release tension, and practice listening to the needs of our body. Yoga practices can connect us to our bodies, ground us to the earth. You will learn poses to release tension and find balance, calm, and self-awareness.

Mindfulness and Body Positivity

Camille Kennard, Clinical Social Worker and Health and Wellness Coach. Camille’s career began working in health care with people with chronic illness. This propelled her to want to do more to help people prevent disease and live well. Camille is passionate about helping young women love themselves from the inside out. Camille shares her own battle with low self-esteem and body shame as a teen. Camille’s passion led her to study the effects of negative body image, eating disorders, and self-image issues that can hold teens back from taking good care of themselves. Camille will share her “7 Steps to Love and Respect Your Body for Good.” Camille will guide you in Mindfulness practices that will deepen your ability to tune into your body, practice self-compassion, and love yourself more fully. Camille will help you learn how to practice Mindfulness to explore mental habits, release tension in the body, and find overall peace and joy by living in the moment.

Enjoy our relaxing accommodations:

You can choose from a private room, with a King bed – for yourself or share with someone for no additional cost, bunk beds, or sofa beds.

This is an event for Mother’s and Daughters 12 years and older
Make it a Mother’s Day Getaway.

Register by March 15th for early bird discount

Come take some time off to relax, renew, and replenish. Reminder that we will be unplugged during retreat. You are encouraged to leave your devices off so that you can experience the power and joy of being present with your body.  Learn to make peace with your body and like who you are.

Here’s what Mindfulness Retreat 2018 participants are saying…

What is one thing you took home from Retreat?

How powerful our minds are and how important it is to have mindful moments to help us stay centered. -Corinne

Being in the moment, Grounding -Breanne

What did you enjoy most about Retreat?

Disconnecting. I hadn’t realized how seldom I do that. -Carrie

Learning from others and more about myself -Heather

You can choose from a 1) private room, with a King bed – to share with your daughter for no additional cost,
or a room where there will be 2) 2 King beds shared with another mom/daughter.
You can choose 3) individual bunk beds, or
4) share a full size sofa bed.

Register according to what size of bed you want and whether you want a private or shared room.
There are 6 bunks in one room with a sofa bed. The other sofa bed is in a “shared” King bed room.