Individual Therapy

  • Stress Management
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Coping Skills/Life Transition
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self Esteem
  • Sleep or Insomnia
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Grief


Camille’s current per session fee is $150 per session.  This is for clinical mental health psychotherapy.  We do not bill insurance companies. Please schedule a consultation and we can further discuss options.  


Since meeting with Camille, I have increased my commitment to self-care. I am more conscious of the things I need to do to keep my anxiety in check. I have noticed that my ability to cope with anxious situations has improved. I think of Camille as my success coach. Camille helps you look at situations differently and from a more positive perspective. She challenges your thinking and forces you to challenge your own thoughts.
– Greg

When Camille suggested EMDR therapy as a way to help me overcome the very negative view I had of myself as a result of the verbal abuse I experienced from my father as a child and up to my mid-thirties, I was skeptical. I had read so many self-help books that offered suggestions and information to change or overcome negative expereinces or behaviors, etc., but nothing I read had helped me with the poor self esteem and the constant, vicious berating of myself which kept me from fully living and embracing life.

After the first session I left her office in a positive mood and that feeling stayed with me through the week. I slept better that week than I had in years and I noticed my night time rumination or hashing out of all my failings, self doubts, anxiety and concerns was diminishing. As the sessions continued I was amazed as I experienced my thinking processes changing and how much more “in the moment” I became and how much better I felt about myself. Three or four people told me that there was “something different” about me, that I seemed more relaxed and upbeat than they had seen me before. I am simply astonished at how much more mental energy I have, and how much more relaxed and calm I am. I truly feel that a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Camille as a therapist not only for her kind, caring, non-threatening approach, and her wonderful insight into mental health issues but also for EMDR therapy.
– Laurel

I started going to see Camille because I was in the process of leaving the third job in eight years. Each time I became completely emotionally distraught and left a wreckage of professional relationships behind me. Camille helped me discover that I have deep seeded inferiority issues that made me feel that I was never good enough for these jobs, so I sabotaged them. We found the pattern also permeated into my personal life. Now, any time those feelings crop up I do a few simple steps that Camille taught me. She gave me the tools to realize that I am enough in any circumstance!