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I help clients create a VISION of the life they want and learn the practices and habits that will give them results. Learn more below

Healthy Thinking

The basis for all health and wellness starts with the mind. We all have beliefs and patterns of thinking. It can often be those beliefs about ourselves that hold us back from progressing and achieving what we want to.

I will help you explore, challenge, and change beliefs that no longer serve you. I will help you discover your strengths, focus on what’s going well, and emphasize positivity and mindfulness.

You will learn how to develop a growth mindset. You will be given tools to create a clear vision of what you want and the steps to get there. You will learn the power of your mind to create the life you love.

Mindful Eating

We live in a busy world where we are often disconnected from what our body is experiencing. This includes the way we eat.

Mindful eating means paying attention to what you experience inside and outside of your body as you eat. When you eat mindfully you are present in the moment with your food. You appreciate the tastes, textures, colors, and sounds of your food. You can eat many of your favorite foods without guilt.

I will help you learn to tune into your body’s cues for what it needs. You will develop a healthy relationship with food where you can appreciate where it came from, what it does for you, and how important food is as a fuel for your life.

Joyful Movement

Many people see exercise as “drudgery” and something that they “should” do rather than that they want to do. Joyful movement means you can move your body and love it.

You can do something you already enjoy or learn something new that makes you happy. You can experience the benefits of movement to elevate your mood, release stress, play and have fun.

I will help you explore what type of movement makes you feel alive and joyful. This could be hiking, swimming, dancing, chopping wood, gardening, golf, or whatever you like. I will help you celebrate successes and improvements without focusing on weight loss. The goal is for you to enjoy moving your body and to develop a positive body image.

Restful Living

Our bodies and minds are under constant strain with the demands of modern life. We are overscheduled and are juggling family, friends, volunteering, work, and everything else at a quicker pace.

We live in a culture that praises productivity and overworking. We have demands on our time and these demands come at a cost. We are “stressed.” Stress has been associated with problems including a weakened immune system, pain, insomnia, irritability and headaches.

Learn to give your body and mind the rest it needs to repair and rebuild. Give your body enough sleep to function at optimal performance. Take a break from the usual demands and stresses of life. Learn to rest your mind through mindfulness and meditation.

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Flourish Wellness Consulting is a life coaching and counseling practice centered on helping people overcome obstacles to positive change and to make their health a priority. My mission is to help people make peace with their bodies and like who they are.

I help clients create a VISION of the life they want and learn the practices and habits that will give them results.