Coaching Consultation
with Camille

Coaching is a co-active process where the “coach” and “coachee” are equally invested in the outcome.

As your Wellness Coach I will listen to your struggles, challenge your beliefs, and assist you to make changes to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I will be your cheerleader in the process and hold you accountable to your goals. I will celebrate your successes and help you get up when you fall. I am committed to helping you have the life YOU WANT!!

My coaching services include 60 min individual in- person and/or telephone sessions.  My coaching services also include workshops, presentations, retreats, and web courses to support you in your journey!

Begin your new life NOW! Schedule your free 15 minute consult to get started here.

The focus of this 15 min phone conversation is to explore your health concerns and needs in order to see if my expertise, programs, and coaching style are a good fit for you. I will ask you to describe your health journey, what your hope to gain from coaching, what is going well for you right now, and what questions you have for me.

Flourish Wellness Consulting is a life coaching and counseling practice centered on helping people overcome obstacles to positive change and to make their health a priority. My mission is to help people make peace with their bodies and like who they are.

I help clients create a VISION of the life they want and learn the practices and habits that will give them results.


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